Sunday, August 5, 2012

Black Friday

It dawned on me awhile back that my due date, November 23rd, is the day after Thanksgiving, which is also Black Friday.  I think I have braved the crowds and gone shopping on Black Friday every year since I was a young teenager except the couple of Thanksgivings that I spent in Spain and Argentina.  I suppose that more likely than not I will either have a brand new baby by that time or I will be so big that either way I probably won't have much of a desire to go out.  (This is assuming that the baby doesn't fall into the 4-5% of babies actually born on their due date, in which case I would obviously be in the hospital on Black Friday.) 

Without me even expressing my doubts about whether I would be going shopping on Black Friday this year, when Ken realized that was my due date his first question was, "Then who will go buy socks for me this year?"  In case you don't live, or have never lived in the west, there is a store called Fred Meyer that always has a 1/2 off sock sale the morning of Black Friday.  Since we have been married I've always gone to get socks for Ken on that day.  I guess he is pretty worried about his growing number of socks with holes in the toes... but not worried enough to be willing to go himself. 

Sorry mom but I did volunteer you as a possible alternate to go in my place.  :)

When this subject of my due date being on Black Friday came up again recently I learned something new.  I had always assumed it was called Black Friday because it was an ominous day of craziness, like dark clouds bringing in a storm.  Ken informed me that the nickname has quite the opposite meaning.  Retailers who have been in the red (in debt) all year are finally in the black (making profit) as of the day after Thanksgiving and through the rest of the holiday season.  Hmmm.  Learn something new everyday!

Here I am at 2 dozen weeks pregnant.  (That's 24 weeks just in case you weren't sure on the math.)  Sorry, phone camera...