Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving... early

No this post isn't about eating a yummy turkey dinner early.  I am looking forward to that though!  I think the baby has dropped enough that even if I am still pregnant I will still be able to eat a healthy portion of Thanksgiving dinner.  Two weeks ago I was barely nibbling on food for each meal because it was so uncomfortable to eat a lot.  Anyway... this post is about something that I am thankful for. 

I am THANKFUL for generous people.  I think I had mentioned previously that we have been given a lot of stuff.  Even though a few posts ago I was whining about how expensive babies are we've really had it pretty easy.  My sisters had a collection of maternity clothes going that were passed to me and a few other friends have donated maternity clothes so that I've hardly had to buy anything in that department.  Just yesterday someone stopped me and asked where to buy maternity clothes for a petite person.  She was disappointed when I had to tell her honestly that most of my clothes were hand-me-downs.  I am THANKFUL for the maternity clothes I was given.

I have been given TONS of baby clothes, both hand-me-downs and things from my baby shower.  The only clothing I've bought were just things that I saw and said, "That is soooo cute!" and I had to get it, not that I really needed to buy anything else.  I am THANKFUL to have so many cute clothes to put on my baby. 

We were given several larger items as well such as a car seat, a stroller, a beautiful crib, a bouncy seat, a swing, a pack n play, a stairs gate, even a grocery cart seat cover!  I am sure I am forgetting something in this list but seriously, we have been given a lot.  I am THANKFUL for all of these awesome items that we have been given.

It seems that if we just "hold out long enough" someone will eventually offer us whatever we need.  That happened again today.  I've been debating and debating on whether or not to get a bassinet.  I had never mentioned my debate to anyone but I got an email this afternoon saying someone knew someone who was giving theirs away and wondered if I might want it... I am so THANKFUL for generous people!

Oh and Mr. Obama gave me something too...a free electric breast pump.  Thank you!

May your week be filled with Thanksgiving!

39 weeks

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Random Pregnancy Comments

Did people ever make comments during your pregnancy (or your significant others' pregnancy) that just made you want to say "Whaaa? Were you using your head when you asked/said that?"  I haven't had any truly horrible ones but I thought it would be fun to blog about to hear what things have been said to you.  Here are just a few that have been said to me.

*Store clerk as I am leaving (they always have something to say don't they?) "You know, basketballs really aren't that expensive, you don't have to try to smuggle one out."

*"So, are you getting closer?" I literally responded, "No, actually I am going backwards."

*A teenager, "How much longer do you have?  No offense, but you look REALLY pregnant."  (I still had two months)

*Another store clerk, "That would be so cool if you were out shopping on Black Friday and you were in a really long line at Kohl's and your water broke so then you could say, hey my water just broke! and get to the front of the line."

*This one just gets annoying because I get asked so frequently, "Are you excited?"  Um, what do they expect me to say, "uh, no not really, this could be the worst thing ever."  ...

*And this one just gets old because I really don't know how to respond, "Oh you don't even look pregnant from the back!"  Maybe I am wrong about this but other than the waddle I didn't think you were supposed to look pregnant from your backside.  You may look like you've gained weight but can you actually look pregnant from the back?...

*This is Ken's favorite thing to say to me after he has had a big meal, "I feel like you look!"  I actually do find it amusing, even though he stole that line from a friend.

So, tell me your weirdest/funniest pregnancy comment.  Sally, I am sure someone in a Big Lots somewhere must have said something crazy to you so please share.  :)

p.s.  I've never had a total stranger touch my belly.  Did that ever happen to you?
p.p.s. 10 days and counting...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

37 Weeks... and 2 bits!

Name that movie... "and 2 bits!"

If you guessed Oklahoma! you were right.  I do know that it was originally a play and not a movie but I was first introduced to it as a movie at Grandma Morgan's house so that is what I am going with.  ("And 2 bits" is a line from when Jud Fry and Curly are bidding on Laurie's basket at the school raising party.)  This picture was taken at 37 weeks and 2 bits (days).

I guess I haven't done a very good job of sharing my blog.  I created it in the first place on request from my dad and he only ever saw the first post until recently when he rediscovered it and found out that I had been posting throughout the pregnancy.  Then I just found out that my mom didn't even know that the blog existed at all until my dad found it again and told her.  Oh sad. 

At church on Sunday I was talking with a friend and she said, "So you have about 5 weeks left right?"  I said, "No, 2 1/2."  She replied, "I thought you told me it was after Thanksgiving?"  I said,"Yeah, the day after."  And she said, "Really?  Thanksgiving is that soon?!"  Yes folks, it is that soon.  And Baby Johnson will be here before we know it!  :)