Thursday, October 25, 2012

Babies are Expensive!

I was just about to post some pictures of my "nursery" when I realized that would give away the gender so I can't do that yet.  That means this is sort of a boring post.  Sorry.  The nursery is really not much to look at anyway considering I am not allowed to paint the room.  I did get the crib set up and I took Ken with me to Target to buy a mattress since he is the mattress expert in our family.  The baby bedding is being made by a talented friend of mine so that is not even in there yet.  I did manage to get a couple of decorations up on the walls.  I am not huge into decorating so I didn't know whether I would find anything that I liked but I did manage to get a little something something.  :) 

Babies are so expensive!  We have been fortunate enough to be given many baby items from generous friends and family members, but there is still so much to buy!  Well, there WAS so much to buy.  I think I just broke the bank online tonight though.  I finally got a diaper bag that I think I will actually like and  I ordered a hand made car seat cover to spruce up the car seat that we were given, which is in great condition, just not my favorite color.  I also bought a car seat rain cover since we do live in the Northwest and I would still like to go outside on walks, rain or shine.  Ok, that was really all that I bought tonight but it felt like a ton.  So many decisions to make!  Ken just laughs at me.

Well, no pictures today since they would all give away the gender, except the diaper bag... Ken asked me to get one that is gender neutral so if you are really interested to see the one that I bought you can click on this link. diaper bag 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

35 Weeks, 35 Days, 35 Inches

I have been babysitting a family of 4 kids all week at their house.  This morning one of the middle-schoolers announced that there are 67 days left until Christmas.  I had to laugh a bit to myself because that is NOT the date that I am counting down to.  I did not have a running count down in my head though so I had to look it up.  35 days left until the due date.  And I am 35 weeks pregnant.  (Makes sense right, 5 weeks left, 7 days in a week, therefore 35 days.  Yeah, I am smart.)  But I thought it was pretty cool to think I am 35 weeks pregnant and there are 35 days left.  Plus, yesterday at my baby shower my belly was measured for a guessing game and what do you know... 35 inches around!... PSYCH.  I am actually 40 inches or 100 cm.

So this post would be a lot better if I had a picture or two to accompany it but unfortunately we forgot to take any pictures at the baby shower and I've already changed into my pajamas so I am not going to take a picture now.  Maybe tomorrow...