Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fashion Show

Whenever I come home with new clothes either for me or for Ken I always insist on having a fashion show.  Ken is patient enough to check out my new clothes when I put them on and excitedly show him and he only grumbles a little bit when I make him try on what I bought for him to show me.  (I do have to see it on him though since I am just guessing when I buy stuff for him.)  Yesterday he sent me a text saying that he had bought something for Scarlet, which besides forking over lots of money for everything we bought before she was born, this was a first for him.  When he got home he (almost excitedly) said, "This will be Scarlet's first fashion show for Daddy!"  Uh-oh, Daddy is gonna be a pushover for Scarlet's shopping habit...

I have to admit the jacket is pretty dang cute, even if she looks kind of boyish in it right now.  Fortunately, he bought a 12 months size so it should fit her next football season and she may have longer hair then, or I will just put a bow in it.
I went to the store early this morning while she was still sleeping.  As I was heading home I sent him a text to see if she was awake yet.  He sent me this picture.  I guess she was happy enough to be with him since she knows he buys her cute clothes.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Basketball Game and then some

We went a local high school girls basketball game to watch our old neighbors play.  They are twins and seniors this year.  Even for just a high school game it was super loud so I was grateful we had the headphones.  I loved how they squished her face too. She didn't seem to mind too much.

And thanks to the headphones and a baby bjorn she even got to sleep for quite awhile.  I ALWAYS take the baby bjorn with me now that she doesn't sleep very well in her car seat.  Today she fell asleep in it while we were at a postal annex sending packages.  And she slept in it some more while we were at Target.

And then we came home and I transferred her to the swing and she actually stayed asleep.  Hooray!  That was a lot of in and out of the car seat.  (Sorry the picture is blurry but the swing was in motion.)

Just had to post this one because she is so dang cute and I was proud of myself for actually capturing a smile.  She is starting to be very social and I can almost always coax a smile out of her after she eats.  We like to have conversations too.  She is very interested in our mouths and is already trying to figure it out.  Her cooing is so adorable.  It just melts my heart every time!

I am amazed at how well she is able to pick up her head and upper body already.  She's going to be mobile before I know it!
But she is strong because she is getting short spurts of practice holding up her body and head while sitting in the Bumbo.  Love the gangster look!

In her favorite PJs just staring at dad.  She looks like a little fruity tuiti!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Randomness in chronological order....

Scarlet's first church outfit.  She wore it on the Sunday before Christmas so I guess that makes it her Christmas dress.  It is a stinking cute dress but not very functional for a newborn.  Oh well.

Scarlet's Christmas PJs from my mom's friend Keliah.  Unfortunately, she had a blowout Christmas morning so this was a hurried picture of her in the PJs before we had to change her.

I don't have very many pictures of me with Scarlet.  This was at the Black Bear Diner where we met up with Bri and Nic for breakfast the Saturday after Christmas.  The lady sitting in the booth opposite of our table could not stop staring!  haha.  It was really fun to see Bri and Nic again.  Maybe someday we will get to visit them in New York!

Starting to get mad because the toy she was trying to suck on wasn't staying in her mouth.

Thank you Uncle Keith and Aunt Natalie for the cute cougars onesie!  She actually wore this on the day that the Ducks had their bowl game.  It was the best I could do.  She is wearing a yellow flower in her hair at least.

We've started using the Bumbo to help her build muscle strength for sitting up on her own.  (I love the double chin!)

We have to keep a close eye on her though because she gets a little bit tipsy sometimes.

I am not sure if this video will play.  I may need one of my more tech saavy sisters to tell me how to embed a video on the blog. It is just a video of Ken making his helicopter sound and Scarlet's reaction to it.  Really short and not great quality.  Hope it works.