Sunday, April 28, 2013

Medford and More

Another slew of random pictures over the past couple of weeks.

To start off, we took a trip down to Medford to visit with Uncle David who just got back from his mission in Brazil and to visit Ken's Nonna out in Brookings (sadly, no picture with her.)  It was lots of fun to see David and Nonna again.  Not so much fun to drive in the car with a crying baby.

With Uncle David just hours after he got home. Still too fresh to hug girls but baby nieces don't count.

We are in the process of trying to buy a house with some land.  It has been a long, exhausting process.  Fortunately, the owners do not currently live there so they told us we could stop by anytime.  We like to go out there occasionally just to remind ourselves that the stress will be worth it if it all goes through.

Dressed up warm to go tromp through the forest on a cold day.
A nice little stream on the property.

Lots of natural forest.
Even though Scarlet is just barely 5 months old I have been letting her start to lick/suck on various foods.  She has licked tortilla, apple, banana, strawberry, orange, mango, asparagus, cucumber, and bell pepper (keep in mind, for the most part she is not actually eating the food, just licking.)  She LOVED the strawberry (did ingest some of it) and was sooo ticked when I took it away from her.  Sadly, she ended up with a little rash the next morning so I guess we will have to hold off on the strawberries for awhile.

Her first taste of orange on a nice sunny day.  She liked that pretty well too.
And just like most babies...she regularly assumes the "happy baby" position and loves to suck on her toes.

WARNING: If you are super baby safety paranoid you may want to skip the following picture.

Scarlet's first swing at the park with friends.  She seemed to enjoy it and didn't fall over.  We eventually stuffed a jacket behind her though just in case.
Some people have asked whether the little miss ever cries.  Although she is overall a very content baby, yes, of course she does cry!  Here is proof from a tough day.

Of course she stopped crying hard as soon as the camera came out.
And one with me.

Yeah! Moms do exist.
And just for fun...this little delight (if you can believe it!) is a Ken Johnson creation.
Two graham crackers, two marshmallows, a reeses peanut butter cup, and a brownie. Yeah, that's got Ken's name written all over it.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Scarlet's Blessing Update

Here are the pictures from Scarlet's blessing that I finally got off of the nice camera.

Our little family.

Thanks to everyone who came!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just Some Recent Pics

Just some recent pictures of Scarlet.  4 months and 1 week already!!!

Starting to figure out what a mirror is.

She frequently shoves both hands in her mouth. Today though she did decide to lick her reflection instead of chow down on her hands.

Lots of walks.  We try to go several days a week.

We have had some really nice days here so she is trying to getting used to the brightness of sunshine.

I love watching her explore and learn about new things.
She didn't enjoy the empty orange juice carton for too long though because she kept dropping it.
Her first trick. Reach up to grab a toy above her.  More of an arching motion than a straight grab.  She is getting pretty good at it now though.  She doesn't miss very often unless it's too high for her.
Batting at the toy that rattles.  Oooh that thing makes her mad though since she can't put it in her mouth.
Toy and fist in the mouth at the same time.
New trick today.  Lift chest up enough to chew on a hanging toy.  Sadly it moves so she had a hard time hanging on.  I finally held it in place so that she could chomp on it and she sure went to town on that thing.