Friday, October 19, 2012

35 Weeks, 35 Days, 35 Inches

I have been babysitting a family of 4 kids all week at their house.  This morning one of the middle-schoolers announced that there are 67 days left until Christmas.  I had to laugh a bit to myself because that is NOT the date that I am counting down to.  I did not have a running count down in my head though so I had to look it up.  35 days left until the due date.  And I am 35 weeks pregnant.  (Makes sense right, 5 weeks left, 7 days in a week, therefore 35 days.  Yeah, I am smart.)  But I thought it was pretty cool to think I am 35 weeks pregnant and there are 35 days left.  Plus, yesterday at my baby shower my belly was measured for a guessing game and what do you know... 35 inches around!... PSYCH.  I am actually 40 inches or 100 cm.

So this post would be a lot better if I had a picture or two to accompany it but unfortunately we forgot to take any pictures at the baby shower and I've already changed into my pajamas so I am not going to take a picture now.  Maybe tomorrow...

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