Sunday, September 30, 2012

32 weeks and counting

I honestly don't really have a whole lot to say but I thought it was probably about time to post another picture.  The time is just flying by.  32 weeks already!  I have still been feeling pretty good and trying to take regular walks.  I play volleyball on Tuesday nights with ladies from church and many of them are shocked that I am still going.  I can't think of any reason not to go.  The baby is healthy as far as we know and I still feel better when I exercise than when I don't.  The thing that might stop me soon, if anything, is that I am definitely slowing down, which makes it harder to play competitively.  When I don't play well I get frustrated with myself.  I might get too annoyed with myself to keep going, but I am still hoping to play as long as possible.

32 weeks and counting...

I am fairly certain that I remember seeing a picture of one of my sisters wearing this dress while she was pregnant when I was on my mission.  Thank goodness for hand-me-downs!

Like I said, nothing really exciting to share.  If anyone has some good tips for dealing with pregnancy indigestion I'd love to hear it.  That is one of the few things that has been bothering me lately.  Otherwise I can really say, all is well.  I am still ok with being pregnant.  I still don't love it, but I am not dying to be done yet.  I am certain that time will come.


  1. My sister-n-law got heart burn so bad she got prescription meds for it. I always have heart burn when I'm pregnant but never that bad. I had to be careful about what I ate....NO spicy foods....and when I had heart burn I slept in the recliner. It was the only thing that made me feel better. Good luck with that.
    Oh, and BOTH of your sisters have worn that dress. :)

  2. Sorry, heart burn was the only thing I didn't suffer from while pregnant. I've worn that dress a couple of times now, and I am so glad it's on you and not me!