Friday, March 1, 2013

Baby Blessing

On February 3rd, Scarlet was given her baby blessing at Church.  We had photos taken with Grandpa Johnson's camera rather than a phone camera, but unfortunately the sd card doesn't fit in my computer and we don't have a usb cord.  I kept thinking I would go print the pictures and then scan them into the computer but that hasn't happened yet.  Fortunately we took a couple of pictures at home with Ken's phone so I will just post those few.  The only one with Ken is not a good picture so he won't let me post it, that is why there are none with him here, not because I don't like him.

Grandma Morgan handmade the blessing gown for Scarlet.  It is made out of linens that Great Grandma Morgan and Great Great Grandma Edlund had made when they were young women.  They did the lace and the embroidery.

"AE" = Anna Edlund, She was Scarlet's Great Great Grandmother who lived in Sweden.

"IMK" = Inga Kristina Morgan.  She was Scarlet's Great Grandmother who was born in Sweden and came to the United States when she was just 22 years old.
Inga Kristina's maiden name was Edlund but when she made the linens she just left a blank spot to add the initial of her new last name when she eventually got married.  That is why the M is in the middle.  Isn't the lacework gorgeous?!  Thanks Grandma Morgan for saving these linens and turning them into a beautiful blessing gown.

Scarlet was luck enough to have several extended family members at her blessing.  The group photo of course is on the other camera.  But here are a few pictures from our visit with Medford relatives who came up Saturday and stayed over night.

I can't believe I actually got a picture with Grandpa Morgan smiling!  I guess he really likes Scarlet.

Scarlet and Grandma Morgan

Grandma Morgan still has the baby touch
Is it just me or does Scarlet look like Great Grandpa?  She must look like he did when he was a little girl.  (No that's not a typo...)
I think Scarlet was relaying a message from Great Grandma Morgan

I thought I had a picture of Scarlet talking Spanish with Uncle Tomas but I guess not.  Thanks to everyone who came for her blessing.  It was beautiful.


  1. My laptop reads SD cards I can swing by any time and pull them up to e-mail the whole file to you or burn on a CD. AWESOME blessing dress, I was going to ask about it but I forgot. Our girls are all blessed in a dress made out of Matt's mother's (who passed away) wedding dress! It's so special to have their Grand and Great Grandmothers a part of their first special day.

  2. I WANT THESE PICTURES PLEASE. I can save them to my computer but they are just small and I can't print any of them.

    She's a doll!!!

  3. Okay I just love these pictures. I'd get to one and think oh this is my favorite, then scroll down, nevermind this is and I just can't choose. But I love the one with Uncle Oz smiling, the one where Scarlet looks so content with Dee dee and then with Grandpa and the little girl comment...basically she's adorable, they're wonderful, and I love your commentary. So yay!

  4. I wish we could have been there! She does look like Grandpa!