Friday, July 13, 2012

I Feel Pretty

21 Weeks
I don't have much to complain about as far as a pregnancy goes.  I have had virtually zero morning sickness, no food aversions, and no crazy food cravings.  I feel like my emotions are pretty stable (but you should double-check on that one with Ken) and I don't think I am mean (which some people told me I would be.)  I do sleep 9 hours at night and take a 1-2 hour nap most days, but I like sleeping so it's only rarely an inconvenience for me (like today when the dinner was 45 minutes late for the sister missionaries because I HAD to take a nap.)  Yet, despite the seemingly easy pregnancy, I have to admit that I am really not in love with being pregnant.  Most days I just feel fat.  (Yes, I know that to most people I still look thin but to me I feel bigger than normal, therefore, I feel fat.)  Today was the first day in a long time that I looked in the mirror and thought, "I look pretty today" so I decided it was probably a good day to finally start taking pictures of my baby bump and start this blog that my dad requested several months ago. (P.S. Sally, if you are reading this, no, I didn't not feel ugly because of the haircut.  I do like it and I've received more compliments about it than any other haircut in my life.)
17 or 18 weeks with Tomas after a Civil War reenactment
 So, just a quick funny story to get things rolling.  Last weekend Ken and I were at a Johnson-Baird family reunion.  (It was just Rob and Laurie and their kids, but that was still 17 adults and 10 kids!)  After lunch one day Ken and I were sitting away from the group and our 3-year old nephew, Nathaniel, came over and asked Ken if he could sit on his lap.  After they poked each others bellies and said they were fat for a few minutes the following conversation ensued.

Ken: "Did you know that Aunt Krista has a baby in her belly?"

Nathaniel: "No she doesn't"

Ken: "Yes she really does."

Me: "Yes I do.  See, it's only a little bit squishy" (poking my belly in reference to them poking their "fat")

Nathaniel: "Well how did it get in there?"

A very short birds and the bees convo followed, which I will spare you, but Ken did a nice job comparing a seed that makes a tree to a seed that makes a baby.

Nathaniel (looking at me): "Are there two babies in there?

Me: "No, just one."

Nathaniel: "Then how come there are two bumps above the hill?"

Aaaah.  Innocence.  (And yes, I told him the truth about what those are used for.)

So no guarantees on the frequency of updating this blog.  I do really enjoy reading other people's blogs so I will try to return the favor.  Unfortunately, I don't use my camera much and the battery charger has mysteriously disappeared.  I may have to resort to camera phone pictures.

p.s. One other funny kid story. I was babysitting a 6 and a 10-year old for a few days this week.  I had this conversation with the 6-year old, Marc.

Me: Marc, did you know that I am going to have a baby?

Marc: No you aren't.

Me: Yes I am.  See.  Look at my belly.  There is a baby in there.

Marc: No there isn't!  You just eat too much food.

He totally called me out!  (Later he retracted his statements and said he was just kidding.  I don't think he was.)

p.p.s. Since creating the title for this post I now have the song "I Feel Pretty" from Westside Story stuck in my head.  I bet you will too now.


  1. Song totally stuck in my head. Thanks! And thanks for finaly starting a blog so we can see belly updates.

  2. Yah! So excited you started a blog! Yes, that song is now stuck in my head, thanks a lot. Cute belly and funny story!

  3. You don't look FAT you look PREGNANT, there's a big difference. AND, you look very cute pregnant! So glad you got the blog going and love that story. Here's my story about that subject. I was about 4 mo. pregnant with Jenn and just stepped out of the shower when Keith walked into the bathroom (about 4 yrs old) "Mom, your belly sure is getting big. ... and so are your bottles!" Yeah, he was getting too old to see Mom naked. :)

  4. Krista, very funny story. Glad you recorded it. Too cute.