Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Random Pregnancy Comments

Did people ever make comments during your pregnancy (or your significant others' pregnancy) that just made you want to say "Whaaa? Were you using your head when you asked/said that?"  I haven't had any truly horrible ones but I thought it would be fun to blog about to hear what things have been said to you.  Here are just a few that have been said to me.

*Store clerk as I am leaving (they always have something to say don't they?) "You know, basketballs really aren't that expensive, you don't have to try to smuggle one out."

*"So, are you getting closer?" I literally responded, "No, actually I am going backwards."

*A teenager, "How much longer do you have?  No offense, but you look REALLY pregnant."  (I still had two months)

*Another store clerk, "That would be so cool if you were out shopping on Black Friday and you were in a really long line at Kohl's and your water broke so then you could say, hey my water just broke! and get to the front of the line."

*This one just gets annoying because I get asked so frequently, "Are you excited?"  Um, what do they expect me to say, "uh, no not really, this could be the worst thing ever."  ...

*And this one just gets old because I really don't know how to respond, "Oh you don't even look pregnant from the back!"  Maybe I am wrong about this but other than the waddle I didn't think you were supposed to look pregnant from your backside.  You may look like you've gained weight but can you actually look pregnant from the back?...

*This is Ken's favorite thing to say to me after he has had a big meal, "I feel like you look!"  I actually do find it amusing, even though he stole that line from a friend.

So, tell me your weirdest/funniest pregnancy comment.  Sally, I am sure someone in a Big Lots somewhere must have said something crazy to you so please share.  :)

p.s.  I've never had a total stranger touch my belly.  Did that ever happen to you?
p.p.s. 10 days and counting...


  1. Several times when I was pregnant with Grace I was told I was having a boy because of how I was carrying. WRONG!
    The worst thing though was when I was pregnant with Grace and we were in Florida and someone asked when I was due. I said "March" and they said "wow, you're big. Are you having twins?" HA! Thanks a lot!

  2. People can look pregnant from the back. They get big all the way around their bodies instead of poking straight out all cute like you do.
    I used to have a woman that insulted me on a weekly basis at church without ever realizing she was doing it. I remember one time she said she was going to find me some shoes that fit because my feet were so swollen. Most of the time the comments were about how huge I was looking.
    My funniest comment ever wasn't directly pregnancy related. It was when Christer was little and Uncle Fred and I took him to the grocery store. The checker commented on Christer's red hair and couldn't understand how he was red when his parents weren't. She assumed we were married but we explained that I was the aunt, not the mom. She asked Fred if his wife was red headed and upon hearing she was not red haired either, she asked, "Is the mailman?"

  3. I'm with Jenn, people always said I must be having a boy because I stick straight out. I actually get most annoyed by the comments that happen after the baby is born. I get "wow! You really have your hands full!" Almost weekly. I usually don't even have all the kids with me when it happens.