Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Randomness in chronological order....

Scarlet's first church outfit.  She wore it on the Sunday before Christmas so I guess that makes it her Christmas dress.  It is a stinking cute dress but not very functional for a newborn.  Oh well.

Scarlet's Christmas PJs from my mom's friend Keliah.  Unfortunately, she had a blowout Christmas morning so this was a hurried picture of her in the PJs before we had to change her.

I don't have very many pictures of me with Scarlet.  This was at the Black Bear Diner where we met up with Bri and Nic for breakfast the Saturday after Christmas.  The lady sitting in the booth opposite of our table could not stop staring!  haha.  It was really fun to see Bri and Nic again.  Maybe someday we will get to visit them in New York!

Starting to get mad because the toy she was trying to suck on wasn't staying in her mouth.

Thank you Uncle Keith and Aunt Natalie for the cute cougars onesie!  She actually wore this on the day that the Ducks had their bowl game.  It was the best I could do.  She is wearing a yellow flower in her hair at least.

We've started using the Bumbo to help her build muscle strength for sitting up on her own.  (I love the double chin!)

We have to keep a close eye on her though because she gets a little bit tipsy sometimes.

I am not sure if this video will play.  I may need one of my more tech saavy sisters to tell me how to embed a video on the blog. It is just a video of Ken making his helicopter sound and Scarlet's reaction to it.  Really short and not great quality.  Hope it works.


  1. We must have another sister somewhere because you surely can't be referring to either me or Jenn as tech savvy! She is too cute! Keep posting more pictures!

  2. It works when you are actually looking at your blog, but if you use Google reader it doesn't show up. I can show you another way next time we see you guys :) If you are ever in need of company and Scarlet wants some play time (haha) come on over! Oh and yes, newborn dresses ARE adorable, especially that one, but you are right. NEVER functional and super slippery! I'll drop by that other dress in a day or two.

  3. Definite cuteness! Can't wait to see you again in a few weeks. Sure hope she fits that blessing dress. :)