Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fashion Show

Whenever I come home with new clothes either for me or for Ken I always insist on having a fashion show.  Ken is patient enough to check out my new clothes when I put them on and excitedly show him and he only grumbles a little bit when I make him try on what I bought for him to show me.  (I do have to see it on him though since I am just guessing when I buy stuff for him.)  Yesterday he sent me a text saying that he had bought something for Scarlet, which besides forking over lots of money for everything we bought before she was born, this was a first for him.  When he got home he (almost excitedly) said, "This will be Scarlet's first fashion show for Daddy!"  Uh-oh, Daddy is gonna be a pushover for Scarlet's shopping habit...

I have to admit the jacket is pretty dang cute, even if she looks kind of boyish in it right now.  Fortunately, he bought a 12 months size so it should fit her next football season and she may have longer hair then, or I will just put a bow in it.
I went to the store early this morning while she was still sleeping.  As I was heading home I sent him a text to see if she was awake yet.  He sent me this picture.  I guess she was happy enough to be with him since she knows he buys her cute clothes.

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